IOT By 2 Mins Read

Having an open-source hardware monitor that has certain viewing chips found in main boards. We have used the TI board which could be connected to a wireless network system. Texas instrument of model CC220SF is been fixed over the surface for analyzing the temperature of those circumstances.

Role of hardware

This kind of TI board is used because of its low power consumption. It could be charged either by AAA batteries or charging through current. Moreover, it is a Social security certificate (SSC) coverage of transmitting information because of their security purpose. When it comes to communication there is an available of i2csp protocol which is an inbuilt facility of interaction.


Using TI type of boards for monitoring it could act as an OTA (over the Air) antennas. In this, if a board is connected to any of those wifi networks it could be operated from any part of the place and can be able to change its portion according to circumstance and needs. Moreover, we have used along with the support of AWS (Amazon web service), Google, IBM, Microsoft accent for the intercommunication process.
This gives a reliable source of sharing information from a server to a data center without any false occurrence.

Along with this, we have enhances an inbuilt SDK software development kit used to create and develop applications through a specific module and constrains that needs to run within those bounded space of that specific application. So that it makes a reliable view of checking the temperature. In this era, most IoT companies have started to develop products that are beneficial to everyone.


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