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How much does it cost to make an app like TikTok

If you are in need of a reliable app, Approach the right mobile app development company to fulfill your needs. Recently, the Government of India has banned more than fifty Chinese app like TikTok, WeChat, Helo & many more for the nation’s secure movement in the act of sovereignty and security. These apps are officially removed from the Play Store and App Store. This governmental mover said that 59 applications are engaged in prejudicial movement on sovereignty and Integrity of India for defense, secureness, and public order. They are being imposed to perform under section 69A of the IT Act that is relevant to the provision for blocking. For the production of exclusive web designs, a standard web development company can provide them at the right time. 

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Lists of alternatives to Chinese Apps

Due to the sudden ban on Chinese applications, most of the users are looking out for alternative or similar apps. As everyone knows, most of the Chinese apps are most popular in India. Most of them do not have an Indian alternative, but some of the apps are replaced as listed below:

TikTok, Likee, Vigo Video, Vmate, Bigo, Kwai- Chingari

Triller, an American video-sharing app more or less similar to TikTok. Instagram initiated a new concept of TikTok functions named ‘Reels’ that have created a welcoming impact among users. Chingari, parallel to TikTok is a video sharing platform where the folks can make, share videos globally, and play games.  This app is available in multiple languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, etc. Roposo, an Indian video creation existing in more than ten languages has been downloaded more than 60 million times and holds nearly 70 million Indian users.

PUBG- Fortnite

PubG PC developed by the Korean organization and its mobile version was developed by Tencent. The best alternative is Fortnite, developed by an American game developer.

Helo- ShareChat

This social networking platform developed by a Chinese organization. The best alternative is ShareChat and it is available in 15 regional languages. It consists of nearly sixty million active users ( monthly basis).

UC Browser, CM Browser, APU s Browser- Google Chrome

The most reliable alternative for these browsers is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It makes an approach of constant functions in adding new features with secure options. The most popular Indian mobile browser needs an authenticated and fast surfing experience for users with engaging responses while searching.

ShareIt- Files by Google

Files by Google is the best alternative for both ShareIt & Xender where the users can send and receive files from one Smartphone to another.

Xender- Dropbox

It holds on with free storage; if needed the users can go ahead with the option of the monthly or annual fee for further expansion. For the folks who possess iPhones, the AirDrop feature is the best alternative.

Mi Video Call, WeChat- WhatsApp

They are well known for the video calling & messaging platform. WhatsApp is the best alternative possessing the same features and has already created a great impact among the people of India.

ES File Explorer- Shareall

Shareall is the best application for sharing files, videos, movies and it is a compatible one for Android users. In case if there are any duplicate files, it is eradicated automatically & while transferring files password is needed. 

CamScanner- Adobe Scan

This app made an enormous impact on transferring files, but the replacement for this source is an Adobe Scan. It holds a PDF scanner with an OCR effect. It can be installed for free and scan the document with user-friendly formats.

WPS Office- Microsoft Office

This is a power-packed suite developed by Kingsoft. Microsoft Office is the best alternative and the people can access Word, Excel & PowerPoint easily.

BeautyPlus- B612

Such kind photo capturing and editing apps like BeautyPlus are replaced with B612 for setting pretty good alternative works. It replaces various other updates with real-time effects.

ClubFactory, ROMWE- Amazon, Flipkart

In this era, most of the people are buying the essential products through an online e-commerce platform and it is made possible through trendier Amazon & Flipkart.


One most popular app which holds many users on selling various features of women’s fashion with a wide range of trendy clothes. Where it sets perfect alternative is myntra, sets as an effective fashion retailer in India.

Clash of Kings- Ludo King

Ludo King is available in all the platforms and it has already crossed a hundred million downloads. It was created by Gametion Technologies and it supports about six-player local multiplayer modes.

Virus Cleaner- K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security is an antivirus software best alternative to Virus Cleaner offers web filter along with the phishing protection.

UCNews/QQ Newsfeed – DailyHunt

Daily Hunt is available in fourteen local languages, possessing over three hundred million users. It also consists of a video section & job alerts.

Positive response!!

With the support of the Indian government, the citizens of the country welcomed this initiative on banning apps even though if there is opposition to this act. Due to the secure factor and safeguarding interest of people, the alternative application is placing a productive role among users. Such a kind of decision with the targeted move created a positive impact on the sovereignty of Indian cyberspace.

An overall insight of TikTok

As everyone knows, TikTok has earned its best fame and has given its biggest hit all over the world. The teenagers and youngsters are more interested in it & its overall usage has reached its peak level. Anyhow, the app is not going to lose its sparkle. Ideally, the app brings popular songs, videos, and tunes that are currently in trend. The people who are making use of this app can have apt lip-sync to it by dancing, adding effects, filters, and creative actions to make their video attain its top-notch level & better than others too. Additionally, it is also the best platform to interact conservatively.

 We all know that Tiktok has a massive trend that hits mainstream and hard to bring down with many updates. This company holds the intention to create a platform that allows us to capture and present their creative video to make sense of playing. The users could create a video with trending daily lifestyle, and memories which can be uploaded to showcase their creativity from their smartphones.

Generally, the concept of TikTok which brings in using songs, videos, tunes with current popular in the market to user. It can involve lip-syncing to make videos, dance to songs with more additional effects, filters. This kind of thing will expose creative acts on making their video better than others. TikTok works in an effective platform to make interaction on getting share among their followers. Creating one’s video after installation set as an easy process. These things will address making a new app with creative videos that set popular works.

Statistical report

As of now, TikTok like app is available all over the world, occupying about one billion users and it has been downloaded 180 million times in the US alone. About two years back, there were over twenty million active users & typically, it is evaluated to touch about 500 million dollars in terms of revenue from the U.S.

Most-downloaded apps of 2010s, iOS App Store and Google Play Store

While associating the downloads of both Apple Store & Google play, TikTok is the second most downloaded app, where the first place goes to WhatsApp. A recent report exclaims that about 738M downloads across iOS and Android.

TikTok first-time downloads, Q2 2016 – Q4 2019

It has been dramatically grown in the Asian countries, wherein India the youngsters are attracted to India, containing about 119 million active users. It is available in nearly 39 languages and has earned nearly five million dollars per month.

TikTok downloads by country, 2019

Revenue Report

TikTok, a social video app has reached more 738 million downloads and earned nearly 177 million dollars all over the world. This is more than five times the total 2018 revenue. It has touched nearly two billion downloads up to date with the new users representing 13 percent of overall growth.

TikTok monthly revenue, October 2017 – October 2018

Despite the recent ban in India, the current market is in the leading place accounting for 323 million installations. The Reuter reports exclaim that nearly six billion dollars have been generated in the first quarter of the year 2020. This exclusive app has set an unexpected typical record for most downloads that had ever happened in a single quarter.

TikTok penetration by region, Q2 2019

TikTok Users

Factors for success

⦁ Due to its fast and easy content creation, it is convenient to use. Mostly, when comparing to YouTube it takes some time to film, edit and upload in the server, but in TikTok, it sets with video duration, and one can simplify it.

⦁ Editing and uploading processes are done in a more convenient manner where most of the crazy creations are processed in making videos. Spotting outright target audience where there it makes to overtake reach more popularly. TikTok sets as a smart thing and makes as a targeted user to use various types of social media platforms.

⦁ Focusing on brands and celebrities that set on making awareness will increase engagement. It tends on reaching millions of users with many celebrities as partnerships for making influencing on other social platforms. TikTok can help to earn money with potential followers. For instance, the live stream features that will allow buying and send a gift to those creative content workers also tend to exchange for money.

⦁ The convenient form of using UI leads to impress users on home screen usage. It can sign to the app where the landing page shows a collection of trending videos with more responsive occurrences. This thing will let users set home on showing videos to follow or to show the recommended concept on videos.

Musthave Features

TikTok Like App Developers

Profile registration

While creating an app like TikTok, the login feature is an important thing to consider. It should be integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. To access this app, the users should have authorized credentials. 

Login & signup

The folks need to signup to post the video through available options such as signup, email, social network, and mobile number.

Edit profile

The users can change their profile picture, username whenever they want. The customized option is always the best idea.

Upload/Save Videos

The users can upload the videos instantly, and the real function of the app gets start here. The video can be either saved or uploaded based on the user’s interest.

Push Notifications

For a well-defined interaction with the app, there should be an integrated notification feature that notifies the individual about comments, likes on their posted videos. For further customization, one can opt for the customization feature.

Video sharing & editing

The video can be shared on different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. The users should have an option of cropping, filtering, rotating & experimenting with speed. By choosing an apt song, the folks are allowed to record videos of their choice.

Filters & effects

The users can make use of available filters & effects to make the video more interesting one. With the aid of animation effects, amazing stickers, the videos can be made an alluring & creative too.

User Interface

The UI design should be simple and not a complicated one so that anyone can make use of it without any difficulties. Just by scrolling, the users can view videos one after another.

Hearts & commenting

The users can like their favorite video and also can comment on it. They can also view the liked posts on a different tab.

Admin panel

This panel offers different functions like edit, delete, or block users. It helps in counting posts of a concerned user, providing data about the users, etc.

Advanced features

TikTok Like App

Video preview before registration

The folks are allowed to view some popular videos before signing up. But to give comments or like a post, it is essential to sign up.

Locationbased content

Spotting out the geolocation is done can receive notification in live streaming phases by adding the best value to the app.

Realtime analytics

One can find out their real-time analytics can be used during live streams for guessing the visitors with many responses.

Live video streaming

The concept of live streaming holds many features with a set of limitation that needs to be done in responsive concepts. Using hashtags in TikTok helps to find many interesting challenges, duets, trends that expose many creative subjects.

AR Filters

With the aid of AR filters, objects can be added over the head & more on. It has become more popular, and it is the best idea to integrate this technology into your app.

Technology Stack

For the typical personalization of data, Artificial Intelligence Technology is used.  For the image recognition, usage of the object, adding of tags AI algorithm is designed. Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage is occupied, and the cost factor depends on opting for the delivery network, universal OS, payment methods, video & audio transcoding, etc. For developing an app for Android, programming languages such as Kotlin and Java is used. For iOS development, Swift or C programming used. For building a hybrid app, technologies such as Flutter, Xamarin & React Native is used.

TikTok Like App in Chennai

Meanwhile, there are few other technologies that are required- 

  1. Real-time Analytics- Azure Stream Analytics, Apache Flink, Spark Streaming.
  2. Streaming Media System- Nimble Streamer, Wowza Streaming Engine Helix Universal Server.
  3. Powerful programming- GWT
  4. Database- HBase, Mongo DB, Cassandra, MailChimp Integration, Postgres
  5. Cloud Environment- AWS
  6. For Database Management- Datastax
  7. Phone, Voice & SMS Verification: Twilio, Nexmo.
  8. Push Notifications-, Twilio, 
  9. Universal Operating System- Debian
  10. emails: Mandrill
  11. Storage servers for every music & music video apps- Google Cloud Storage, Azure, Amazon S3.
  12. Video/audio Transcoding: Amazon elastic transcoder (third-party solution.), FFMPEG (Open source software).

Major factors affecting the Cost to Develop an App like Tik Tok

Generally, four basic factors affect the cost to develop an app like TikTok, which is listed below. Have a general view to gain detailed information.


As everyone knows, design of an app is the most vital part which comes under development. This one directly reflects the UI of the app & hence there is a great demand among the users. On the other side of the flip, UI needs to attract the users at its typical first instance.


In this present era, the two major platforms Android & iOS has earned a good reputation in the market. To create an app like Tik Tok architecture targeting both theses platforms are vital ones. In case of any minimal budget, the next instant step is to point out the right target audience & preferences. While speaking about the development, Android tops at its peak point compared to that of iOS. The reason is that multiple devices run on Android platform.

Development Team

For developing an app like TikTok there are two options available. The first one is an outsourcing app development company, and the second one is hiring iOS & Android, experienced professionals. Here, one can see both advantages & disadvantages. For hiring the developers, a development team structure is needed where they are expensive. The outsourcing of the app is less cost & comfortable too.


The complex features take more costing part, and simple features cost minimal. For developing an app like TikTok, the development team needs more time.

How much does it cost?

Generally, developing an app like TikTok cost nearly eighty-five dollars with a list of features. As mentioned earlier, the costing factor depends on technologies, features, functionality, resources & platforms, etc. Here, tracking is possible through the number of hours to build the app. The total experience of the developer plays a vital role in deciding the cost factor of developing an app.

A complete structure is given below, have a general view.

Technologies used

TikTok is standing at its top position in the app development industry, and competitors are trying their level best to attain the top position.

Technology is the support of an app & it is listed below.

What are the different ways to earn money through apps like TikTok?

There are many ways to earn an enormous amount through an app like TikTok. Subscription, Influencer, Promotion are normal ones. The other few methods are listed below.

In-app purchase

In TikTok, the available options are buying stickers, classy emoticons for reacting to the favorite videos. While planning to develop an app like TikTok stickers, emoticons turn towards essential ones. 


As the app gets popular all over the world, multiple brands tend to spend money on the advertisement. The Mobile App Monetization model is one possessing a list of methods to earn amount through the TikTok live sessions. While using the subscription-based models, only basic ones can be used by the people in the initial stage, where the advanced features of the app will be locked. For the advanced ones, the users have to pay the subscription amount for further usage. 

Final thoughts!!

As everyone knows, TikTok has gained overall popularity among the people ranging from teenagers to adults. An entertaining app, exploring trendier ways to interact with the user base. On the other side of the flip, most of the brands trying to expand social media marketing reach with the aid of TikTok. For the upcoming years, literally, there is no doubt, it will grow further and win over the competition with the other social media platforms. 

As final works making a live streaming social app, it ensures on creating a fast concept on sharing and using it. Creating an app like this functionality with much more unique features delivers productive results in the market. Being a well-known app, there is a great competition going in the present market. It is feasible to create its app by adding trendier features or going ahead with a clone app.


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