Best Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai – 2024

Mumbai is a centralized technological place where small-scale organizations to larger ones are located. Selecting the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai can be a difficult task. Various mobile app development organizations are positioned in Mumbai. They afford a list of technological services at the global level. From this blog, you can acquire more details about the best mobile app development company in Mumbai. 

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai

  • Unico Connect
  • Prolifiquetech
  • Brainvire Infotech
  • Indus Net Technologies
  • Cart Geek
  • Ahy Consulting 
  • Vyas Giannetti Creative
  • Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Kenscio Digital
  • Goldenmace IT Solutions
  • Sdreatech
  • Fiveone Digital LLC
  • CorpCrush
  • Heady
  • Inspeero Technologies
  • Wrebb Digital Solutions 
  • Stymeta Technologies
Best Mobile App Development Companies List

Unico Connect

Unico Connect is one of the famous Mumbai based mobile app development companies. Their exclusive mobile app development services are mobile app, Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX Design, and Technological Consulting. They make use of contemporary platforms like Node JS, Angular JS, Flutter, Laravel, React JS, and more.

Their main aim is to build, launch and completely scale the products with 100% efficiency. The organization’s official partners are Xano and Amplifyre Hub. The gigantic firm possesses above ten years of relevant experience and has delivered 100+ reliable products. To date, they have dealt with 200+ happy customers. The organization’s present rating is nearly 3.8. Around fifty to hundred employees are working in Unico Connect. 


Prolifiquetech is the most prominent website development organization. They are most specialized in the development of top-notch performance websites. These services are in whole ranging from small-scale to enormous-scale enterprises. Their standard development services are web design & development, SEO, Android, eCommerce, ERP, and more.

At present, they are dealing with above two hundred clients and have built 200+ websites. The organization has earned clients all over the world by affording exceptional web development and mobile app development. The Prolifique Tech rating is nearly 3.7. Their leading clients are Global Cricket School, PARC, Prashna, and eCorpora. 

Brainvire Infotech

Brainvire Infotech is an outstanding Android app development company in Mumbai. Their top-rated services are eCommerce, Microsoft, LAMP technology, Cloud Services, Mobile app development, Enterprise services, Digital Marketing, Node.JS & MongoDB. They are dealing with various industrial sectors like Retail, Real Estate, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Advertising, Automotive, IoT, Blockchain, Gaming, Mobile & Wireless, etc.

The organization has built solutions in different fields like Retail, Digital Innovation, and Transformation. Their unique digitally enabled services speak more value, mainly in the areas like Media & Entertainment, Logistics, Automotive, Advertising & Jewellery, etc. Around 200-500 employees are working in Brainvire Infotech. The organization’s rating is nearly 3.8. 

Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net Technologies is the most reputed mobile app development company in Mumbai. Their broad range of services is mobile & web development, digital marketing, Analytics, and more. They are focusing on the major industrial sectors like Banking, Insurance, Financial Healthcare, and Educational Tech.

Through the acquisition of smart software solutions, they attain indigenous digital transformation. To date, they possess above twenty-five years of experience. Currently, the company’s employee strength is about 850+. Their clients are from all over the world where the strength is above five hundred. The firm’s branches are located in ten plus offices at the global level. At present, Indus Net Technology’s rating is about 4.2. 

Cart Geek

Cart Geek is an eminent mobile app development company located in Mumbai. Their clients are from all over the world like Dell, Yippee, ITC Limited, VINOD STAINLESS STEEL, Mystere and LODHA, and more. They have afforded applications twenty plus countries with app and digital solutions. Their clients are the two at domestic and global levels, whose strength is about 300+. The firm has received various prestigious awards from Clutch and Good Firms.

At present, their active clients are about 200+, and have delivered projects of above 400+. They are serving 20+ countries & each team possesses a strength of about 30+. Mostly discussing the client’s retention rate is almost 80%. They are well-known for their exclusive development services like apps, web, and eCommerce. As of now, they are dealing with various sectors like Travel & Tourism, Retail & eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Banking, Transportation, and more. Currently, Cart Geek’s rating is nearly 4.4. 

Ahy Consulting 

Ahy Consulting is well-known for its mobile app development and website development services. They adopt modernized technologies like Magento, React Native, React JS, etc for the development of standard applications. Their techies concentrate on the building of eCommerce projects for the enterprise concern.

At present, they are holding an experience of 15+ and afford top-notch consultancy services. The organization has earned good fame and a reputation from its prominent clients. Ahy Consulting’s rating is nearly 3.2. 

Vyas Giannetti Creative

Vyas Giannetti Creative is the most traditionally formed company which was established in the year 1997. Apart from Mumbai, the company possesses various branches in different places like Delhi, Bangalore, and more. Their most highlighted values are Branding, Design, and Communication.

The firm’s prominent clients are Basket Robbins, Pantaloons, Scullers, Birla Estates, and more. As a well-known advertising company, they assist to enhance the brand’s awareness through interactive communication. Currently, the company’s strength is nearly 50-100. At present, the organization’s rating is nearly 4.7. 

Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd

Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the reputed software development companies in Mumbai. Their exceptional services are hyper automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), API Integration, Mobile app development, Workflow automation, Cloud Migration, IoT Consulting, Cloud Engineering, Flutter app development, etc.

The firm’s robust solutions are ECapEx, BevOps, Market Insight, Learning Management System, and more. Their main target is to achieve 100% Information Security. Their reliable partners are Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, RedHat, Datamatics, Huestorm, and more. Currently, the Neebal Technologies rating is nearly 3.8. 

Kenscio Digital

Kenscio Digital is the leading mobile app development company located in Mumbai. Their client retention rate is above 90%. The organization’s typical products are Customer Data & Experience & Marketing Platform, SMTP Server, Email Validator & Intelligence, Mobility Cloud, and more.

They afford various services like Campaign Management, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile app development, AWS Consulting, etc. Kenscio Digital was established in the year 2009 and affords comprehensive digital marketing technology. Their differential options are listed as web, SMM, SMO, etc. Around 50 to 200 employees are working in Kenscio Digital and its organization rating is nearly 4.4. 

Goldenmace IT Solutions

Goldenmace IT Solutions is a well-known mobile app development situated in Mumbai. Their main focus is digital automation for every process seamlessly. Their exclusive technologies are the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for the development of web and mobile applications. Not just a reputable organization, the firm is well known for its technological services. Each team possesses forty plus members.

To date, they have successfully delivered 200+ projects. Their highlighted values are 100% automation, branding, reliability, and efficiency. Their techies have afforded services for fifteen plus countries successfully. Currently, Goldenmace IT Solutions rating is nearly 4.7. The organization has earned better ratings from Appfutura, Clutch, and GoodFirms.

Mobile App Development Companies in Mumbai List


Sdreatech is the most celebrated SEO Company in Mumbai. Their differential technological services are Flutter, Android, iOS, Laravel, and NodeJS. The firm’s top-rated services are UI/UX Design, Web design & development, Content Management Systems, Mobile app & Custom Software Development, and Digital Marketing. Their focused solution is for all types of B2C eCommerce.

Currently, they are working on contemporary technologies to sort out enterprise challenges. Sdreatech is a comprehensive IT Consulting Service provider concentrating on mobile & web development and customized software. As of now, the company’s strength is hundred plus and its current rating is about 3.7. 

Fiveone Digital LLC

Fiveone Digital LLC is a famous mobile app development company located in Mumbai. Apart from mobile app development, they are dealing with various services like Marketing & Branding, Multimedia Design, Web development, and Analytics & Optimization.

In terms of marketing & branding, their clients can develop their brands with well-defined marketing strategies and positive campaigns. Starting from the scalable eCommerce solutions, they work in a smart way to afford vision to life along with the contemporary code system across various platforms. Currently, the organization’s rating is nearly 4.3 and above hundred employees are working at Fiveone Digital LLC. 


CorpCrush is the most notorious digital marketing organization located in Mumbai. This company was started by motivated and energetic youngsters. Mainly, they faced various obstacles and next on attained peak-level success. Their techies are successfully surviving in this gigantic digital market with innovative ideas.

They always believe in the building of innovative ideas. Apart from digital marketing, their most indigenous service is web development. As a start-up organization, they have completed two years of service in this enormous field. To date, their techies have offered versatile solutions and as well completed 10 + projects.

They are dealing with above five clients and it is expected to earn more prospective customers in the future. Around 50-100 employees are working in CorpCrush and its current rating is nearly 3.4. They have worked for various brands like Offkicks Inc., Organic Oil Mills Private Limited and ULIC Grocery, etc. 


Heady Technologies is a well-established consultancy dealing with various services like digital marketing and mobile app development. They mainly concentrate on seamless digital transformation. The organization has earned various clients like Crate & Barrel, HIBBETT, LG, Hydrafacial, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and more.

They provide comprehensive strategies, 100% stack development, and develop marketing services for leading brands. Their techies mainly aim to sort out their potential customer’s challenges and attain enterprise goals with the interactive mobile experience. Their team adopts a certain set of technical guidelines to develop digital-driven exclusive products.

The organization’s most focused factor is adaptability. They possess the ability to handle the complete product life cycle from scratch. Their team of experts enhances digital transformation through three major steps: accelerating user interaction & affording reliable transactions, sustaining mobile technological innovations, and increasing enterprise value to the peak level. To end measuring its progress is the most essential one. 

Inspeero Technologies

Inspeero Technologies is one of the eminent IT companies in Mumbai. They always focus on the transformation of innovative ideas into reliable products. Their typical strategies are Indigenous digital experience, Customer Analytics, and incorporated business roadmaps. To achieve two of short-term and long-term goals, they are adapted to straightforward thinking.

They follow the agile approach to build engaging designs. For the building of their potential client’s websites, they use different types of designs like visual, web, application, UX, and Prototyping. They use advanced technologies like DevOps, Full stack & Progressive web development, and QA testing steps to build top-notch digital products. 

Wrebb Digital Solutions 

Wrebb Digital Solutions is the most illustrious mobile app development companies with headquarter located in Mumbai. They offer a list of development services like web design, eCommerce, WordPress, Woo Commerce, Magento, and Content Management. Their dynamic features are 24/7 customer support, 100% security & maintenance, production of analytic reports, etc.

They are experts in different technological services like web app development, Portal & PHP development, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. To shine in the enormous online field, content writing is mandatory. They offer this type of service to their prospective customers. Their different types of content services are blogs, articles, and web landing pages. Around fifty to hundred employees are working in Wrebb Digital Solutions and its rating is nearly 3.8.

Stymeta Technologies

Stymeta Technologies was established in the year 2014. The organization’s exceptional services are website designing & development, SEO, eCommerce, and mobile app development. Through their conventional and modernized digital marketing services, they completely transform their enterprises into reputed brands.

They have served five plus countries at the global level. Their techies have successfully implemented 500+ projects. The firm has earned 200+ satisfied customers. Stymeta Technologies has earned famous clients like Aris, Norwood, F5 Weddings, and more. Currently, the organization’s rating is nearly 4.6, and the employee count is 50-100. 

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End note!!

The above-mentioned mobile app development companies in Mumbai are the top-rated ones. They seamlessly maintain their portfolio. Their highlighted values are paid delivery, affordable app development cost, hands-on experience, and more. As of now, these app development companies stand at the peak level. Maybe next year, the positions can change.


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