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About one year back, the Government of India has prohibited nearly 60 Chinese apps like ShareIt, CamScanner, and Xender, etc. under the act of security & sovereignty. These apps are completely removed from both Play Store and App Store. Already, these apps have earned a good reputation but now have lost their value. The Ban was imposed by the Ministry of India where these apps are reported as malicious since many complaints were raised. The issue was that unauthenticated transfer of data is processed to the server typically exterior of India. At the same time, it is also reported that apps are involved in malicious activities that are subjected to the data privacy termed under the sovereignty of India. The government of India has been exclaimed that many complaints were raised related to data protection and privacy issues. Chinese apps are banned in India. Team Tweak is standing at the leading position in terms of mobile app development company & app world-level Information Technology service providers. 

Positive effects on Ban

To safeguard the privacy of the citizens of India is one of the important positive effects of Chinese apps banned in India. At the same time, it is also important to protect the overall interest of the people and it is also security is provided for all kinds of evil practices. The symbolism factor is most important which is known by everyone. It has been already proved that the Chinese Apps contain very dangerous bugs, which affects all our privacy concerns too. For example, while playing games on different sites or the smartphone, trillions of messages are sent as the data to the concerned site where China can monitor the incoming messages, which causes detriment to our entire nation. 

India- Supreme of Power

From the conventional days, India holds an enormous market for Chinese apps which are most popular among every one of us. In India, there are more than twenty million users for the Chinese apps which TikTok, ShareIt, Xender, etc. Most people have no objection to the banning of Chinese apps. On the attack of our Indian armed forces by the Chinese army, it is a great initiative to take instant effective measures. To safeguard the privacy of the mobile users of the Indians and provide 100% protection, this immediate action was taken. 

Whether the users will be affected?

Obviously, the users of the Chinese apps banned in India, will be affected. Most of the apps continue to prevail on smartphones. The contemporary version of the apps has been eradicated from both the Play Store and App Store. It is not feasible to access the revised versions in the future. In case if there is any observation reaches the service providers enquiring about the data flow, these apps may be ceased. 

Lists of Banned Apps

AliSuppliers Mobile App

It is an efficient management tool specially designed for distributors. For better interaction, the access of both the trade and marketing services is enhanced.  

Alibaba Workbench

Through this app, the buyers can take over the benefits of capabilities and it is also easier to deal with the complicated set of tools. 


AliExpress app banned in India

It is an exclusive online shopping platform placed within your palms. Most people can choose their favorite item through the AliExpress app.  

Alipay Cashier

By using this app the users can purchase the product with the aid of a digital wallet in a seamless manner. 

Lalamove India

It is a trustworthy delivery app that interconnects both the drivers and couriers in an instant step. Their drivers are trained well to carry the goods safely. Hence one can be cool enough as everything will be processed smoothly. 

Snack Video

Snack Video App banned in India

This app offers funnier videos that have a shorter duration. It is compatible with both the Play Store and App Store. 

CamCard – Business Card Reader

This app is a reliable one to manage the business card, the apt one for business people, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts. It is 100% compatible with both the Play Store and App Store. 


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It is a robust Artificial Intelligence power-packed app possessing Korean and North American users. Soul app is an interactive social messaging platform. 

Chinese Social

This app is easier to use possessing multiple downloads all over the world. The compatibility factor is suitable for both App Store and Play Store. 

Date in Asia

It is one of the famous dating apps specially designed for foreigners who wish to travel to Asian countries. With the aid of the online dating app platform, singles can mingle easily. 


It is one of the most exclusive dating apps, sending an array of dates where one can choose according to their convenience.It is a typical free dating app specially designed for youngsters. 

Adore App

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This app is a new one where the people can explore for new friends as well as love date, compatible on both Play Store and App Store. 


It is one of the superior Chinese dating apps that help singles to mingle. This app is used in Asian countries, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. 


This app inter-connects the people globally and they can find their loving partner who satisfies their expectations. 


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It is a platform where the singles can explore their life partner by sharing photos and personal details. 


It is the best app to get into love and found the right life partner. It is 100% secured one as the app eradicates the members who violate the scams & fraudulent activities. 


This app is used by multiple and still now, there are more than 20 million people. One can communicate easily by sharing their photos and personal details. 


The users can download this app to chat, flirt, meet, and date with their loved ones. Online chat is also available which is more advantageous. 


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This app is a precise live streaming app connecting with an array of broadcasters. You can meet new people through a live program and interact easily. 


This app helps to explore business opportunities and at the same to interact with each other. It also aids in the booking of conference rooms, seeks one’s help in case of any need.

Lucky Live

Only 18+ can join apps, it is completely a live video streaming app. The APK is available in different versions; the users can choose the apt one. 

Taobao Live

It is an exclusive platform where both the vendors and users can meet similar to that of eBay. One can procure can kind of merchandise easily. 


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It is a communication platform where there are more than 100 million users. It was initiated by the Alibaba Group in the year 2014. 

Identity V

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It is a horror video game released in the year 2018. This app can be played on personal computers too and is compatible with both Play Store and App Store. 

Isoland 2

It is an independent puzzle game released in the year 2017 and can be easily downloaded from both the Play Store and App Store. 


This magical app integrates with precise light upgrades. You can explore the alluring play style to expand stronger. 

Heroes Evolved

It is a global action game app where there will be a five-member team who are completely involved in the destroying of the enemy gang. 

Happy Fish

It is a well-known fish game possessing about 60 million times downloads all over the world. You can choose your preferable fish; play with them providing motion effects in just a single touch. 

Jellipop Match

It is a fun-filled app filled with the cutest characters along with Tropical Island, holding compatibility factor with both App Store and Play Store. 

Munchkin Match

This app is a game app where there is a full-filling of decorations along with the tile-matching. It is most preferred by Children above 13 years. 

Conquista Online 

You can download the latest version compatible with Windows for the terms online. 

New update on Chinese app banned in India on 14 Feb 2022

According to the Indian Ministry of Information Technology ACT, Our Indian Govt has banned another 54 Chinese apps on 14 February 2022, and 54 apps pose threat to Indian security. Here is the list of 54 Chinees apps:

Sr.NoBanned Chinese Apps in India
1Onmyoji Arena (NetEase Games)
2AppLock (DoMobile Lab)
3Small World-Enjoy groupchat and video chat (CuteU Team)
4CuteU Pro(CuteU Team)
5Astracraft (NetEase Games)
6UU Game Booster-network solution for high ping (NetEase Games)
7Equalizer & Bass Booster – Music Volume EQ (iJoysoft)
8Music Plus – MP3 Player (iJoysoft)
9Equalizer Pro – Volume Booster & Bass Booster (iJoysoft)
10Video Player Media All Format (iJoysoft)
11Music Player – Equalizer & MP3 (iJoysoft)
12Volume Booster – Loud Speaker & Sound Booster (iJoysoft)
13Music Player – MP3 Player (Apps10X)
14CamCard for SalesForce Ent (INTSIG)
15Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Lite (LilithGames)
16Voice Recorder & Voice Changer (Ponica.Media)
17FancyU pro – Instant Meetup through Video chat! (F&W Team)
18Garena Free Fire – Illuminate (Garena International I)
19Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (LilithGames)
20APUS Security HD (Pad Version) (APUS Group)
21Parallel Space Lite 32 Support (LBE Tech)
22Dual Space Lite – Multiple Accounts & Clone App (DUALSPACE)
23Dual Space Pro – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner (DUALSPACE)
24Viva Video Editor – Snack Video Maker with Music (QuVideo Inc.)
25Nice video baidu (mobile cloud&finance)
26Tencent Xriver (Tencent Technology)
27Onmyoji Chess (NetEase Games)
28DualSpace Lite – 32Bit Support (DUALSPACE)
29Dual Space – 32Bit Support (DUALSPACE)
30Real: Go Live. Make Friends (Twelve APP)
31MoonChat: Enjoy Video Chats (F&W Team)
32Real Lite -video to live! (SpreadFun)
33Dual Space – 64Bit Support (DUALSPACE)
34Equalizer – Bass Booster & Volume EQ & Virtualizer (iJoysoft)
35Music Player- Music.Mp3 Player (iJoysoft)
36Dual Space Pro – 32Bit Support (DUALSPACE)
37Conquer Online – MMORPG Game (Netdragon Websoft Inc,)
38Beauty Camera: Sweet Selfie HD (Selfie Camera & Photo Editor & Beauty Snap)
39Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera (Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera)
40Conquer Online Il (Netdragon Websoft Inc,)
41Live Weather & Radar – Alerts (iJoysoft)
42Barcode Scanner – QR Code Scan (Gamma Play)
43Lica Cam – selfie camera app (LBEMOBI)
44EVE Echoes (NetEase Games)
45Extraordinary Ones (NetEase Games)
46Notes- Color Notepad, Notebook (iJoysoft)
47MP3 Cutter – Ringtone Maker & Audio Cutter (iJoysoft)
48CuteU: Match With The World (CuteU Team)
49FancvU – Video Chat & Meetup (F&W Team)
50Wink: Connect Now(F&W Team)
51Badlanders (NetEase Games)
52Stick Fight: The Game Mobile (NetEase Games)
53Twilight Pioneers (NetEase Games)
54FunChat Meet People Around You (MeetMe)
What are the alternatives?

The ban of the Chinese apps is an unexpected one. Most Indian citizens are using Chinese apps for multiple purposes. Some of the Chinese apps can be easily replaced by the Indian apps which are listed below:


Fortnite is the best alternative for PUBG. The web version of the app & mobile form was developed by Korean firms and Tencent respectively. The Indian alternative app for the PUBG app is Fortnite which was typically developed by US citizen game developers. 


ShareChat is the best alternative for Helo. There are about sixty million users on the monthly basis and there are about twenty regional languages. 

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the best alternative for the APU browser. The most prominent browser is Google Chrome which fetches information from different trustworthy sites and displays it on the web and mobile version. 

ShareIt- Files by Google

Files by Google app is the best alternative for ShareIt. By making use of Files by Google, the consumers can both send and receive the files from a mobile phone to another. 


WhatsApp is the best alternative for WeChat. It is a messaging platform where people can communicate with each other through messages. The other facilities are audio call, video call, etc. Status can be kept which will be viewed for 24 hours. The web version of WhatsApp can be used with the aid of scan code. 


ShareAll is one of the best alternative apps for ES File Explorer. Here, there is no password needed while transferring the files and the duplication of files is automatically removed. Hence the users need not worry about duplication. 

Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scanner is one of the best alternatives for Cam Scanner and holds the OCR effect and can be installed free of cost. It is used for seamlessly scanning the document. 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is one of the best alternatives for the WPS Office app. To access Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint, PowerPoint Microsoft office package is the best suitable one.  


B612 is one of the best apps to capture the alluring pictures. The B612 app is the apt one that works well with real-time updates. 

Amazon, FlipKart

Amazon, FlipKart is one of the best alternatives for ClubFactory. In today’s generation, most people are interested to buy products through Amazon and FlipKart. The products will be delivered at the estimated time. 


Myntra is one of the best alternatives for Shein. the app deals in the selling of women’s accessories along with fashioned clothes. It is one of the best fashion retailers in India. 

Ludo King

Ludo King is one of the best alternatives for Clash of Kings. It possesses about a hundred million users which is available on different platforms. Ludo King was developed by the Gametion Technologies used by the youngsters. 

K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security is the best alternative for Virus Cleaner. It offer phishing protection and one of the best alternatives for the Chinese app known to be Virus Cleaner. 


DailyHunt is the best alternative for UCNews. The Daily Hunt app holds about 300 million users focusing on the job alerts which are available in 14 local languages. 

What is the impact on Indians?

Though there was some opposition to this ban, most of the Indian citizens warmly welcomed this act of banning the apps. As mentioned in the above points, alternative apps are playing a major role among everyone. This ban is mainly subjected to the 100% secure factor and safeguarding one’s interest. Yes, obviously it created a great impact among the Indians. 

Summing up!!

No doubt, today’s economic development depends on the digital sector which is the major backbone for both the present and future. There should be a well-defined balance between sovereignty and integrity in terms of digital units. A year back, TikTok was banned in India and no objection was given too. The ban was imposed due to the subject of strategic & national security. There are many alternatives for the Chinese apps; Indian citizens can make use of this. These apps are discussed in a detailed manner in the above-mentioned points. Alternative to TikTok, many clone apps are developed by mobile app development organizations. 


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