Trading water on wall street? Here’s something you need to know

As everyone knows, water is the most precious gift of God. If there is no water, there is no possibility of life on the earth. It is the only source for the existence of all our lives & the most needed one for our day-to-day activities such as drinking, cooking, bathing, watering plants, etc. The farmers use water to grow the crops, and industrial professionals use it for industrial purposes. Smart water management system. The real-time monitoring system eradicates the wastage of water with the aid of a smart water management system.

Typically, the electricity plants make use of an enormous amount of water for the generation of hydroelectricity. Even though water is found in the sea, tank, well, pond but still, lack the point of drinking water. Hence, it is our foremost responsibility to proceed a step forward & go ahead with the conservation of water as there is only a minimal percentage of clean water. Smart water management using IoT is the best technology for the water control flow in both urban and rural areas.

Water hits wall street tickers!!

Day by day the global warming has been increasing, and its effects have diminished the availability of freshwater resources & it has led three billion people to live in water-stressed situations. Here, in this section, we are going to discuss futuristic things. The new statement ” Water is the new oil as well as new gold” has scared many of them.

The water is being officially traded, mainly due to the climatic changes & water shortage. An important point to admit is that the price of water has gone up across the world. In California, the corporations have moved to a state of trading water as a commodity, similar to that of oil and gold. The price has also been doubled in one year due to the major reason for droughts and wildfire.

The New Liquid Gold

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) company has highlighted great demand for water resources due to the effect of the climatic changes on the earth. They have also added water to the future market. It is an auction market where one can buy and sell today for delivery in the future. Directly, it means the price is set today but the commodity will be delivered in the future. The ideas for you to bet on how well a product will be sold at the future date & as mentioned earlier the price will be fixed today. This kind of trading is done for oil & gold known to be future trading. Now, it is processed for the water too which is new Liquid Gold.

The American company has launched contracts related to California’s spot water. This announcement was made in September, right after the wildfires & trade began on the 7 th of December. An overall price of water future in California is traded for about $486.5 per acre-foot. It holds a greater value of the economic prospects the price of water in California rose by 131%.

The CME company has rolled over the water future contracts worth USD 1.1 billion. It is predicted that the price of water will fluctuate the same as that of gold and oil. Other than California, the trading of water is an indication; what the future going to hold for us. The households, farmers everyone will be facing this crucial issue. The only solution to overcome this problem is to conserve water in all ways.

What will be the condition prevailed in India?

In India, the state government holds legislative rights over water resources. At present, there are more than three hundred state government projects where there is the participation of the private sector too. Broadly, it ranges from the construction part to the supplying contracts. The overall legal structures prevent profit-driven privatization of India’s water resources. Practically, the state governments can sign long term contracts with private corporations without any restrictions. At the same time, they can also create space for the private zone to occupy informal control of water resources.

A closer look

In this present era, the availability of water resources is the most crucial issue at the global level. A recent report exclaims that about four billion people live in scarce water conditions for 30-60 days in a year. On the other side of the flip, about two billion people are precisely forced to insist on the drought for about 180 days a year. In case if the water is available, it is been polluted or contaminated, and hence it cannot be used.

What are the several ways to save water?

Smart water management system

Metering system

The water meters are the typical mechanical devices used to measure the flow of water at the low, medium & high range. There are different types such as Positive Displacement, Electromagnetic, Multi-jet & Turbine Flow meters. Each one has its own principle of operation and its pros, cons.

Technological advancements

Smart Water Management

Smart water management involves the integration of a system to monitor, regulate the usage of water along with its concerned equipment such as pipes, pumps. An enormous range of hardware, software instruments, sensors, meters, web & app control connect users with water systems.

Smart Water Meter

When a standard IoT device is connected to the existing water meter, it is known to be the Smart Water Meter. Here, the data is collected & sent to the server. By using the app, one can notify about the water consumption, leakage issues, water getting wasted, total consumption of water, etc. An important benefit of using the smart meter is dynamic water billing & there is no need for manual supervision where everything automatically takes place with the help of cloud technology. In the project of Karikala IoT, the smart water meter overcomes the overall traditional methodologies & plays a significant role in the conservation of water.

Water Treatment System

Smart water management

The water treatment plant system is a standard process which is followed all over the world to improve the quality of water & make it an apt one for the concerned end use such as water recreation, drinking, irrigation, etc. Here, the contaminants are removed where the water can be used for any purpose. There is a list of water treatment systems such as carbon filtration, distillation, sand filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet sterilization, etc.

Our area of expertise!!

Smart water management system in Chennai

Our unique Karikala IoT project involves the Smart Water Management System along with IoT Technology to check water wastage, water consumed, or any leakage issues. We provide a smart solution for water management, making use of the sensor-based ultrasonic technology, an initial step towards the prevention of scarcity of water. 


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